Hey there, I’m Ivana – proud steward to Bailey, and the founder of Playfield.
Our Story

and my why

Bailey is my soul dog, and we love to play together in a large field near our home – our playfield.

To keep up with life on the go, I wanted pet gear that didn’t look like 💩 and that actually accommodated the multitudes of my life as a modern pet parent, without having to swap my dog stuff for my non dog stuff because, well, I’m rarely without Bailey.

But I was often let down by the limited functionality and poor design of pet products on the market. Disappointment turned into passion for creating better solutions for our relationship with our pets and our planet. And so, Playfield was born.

more days for play
our mission

we are more than just a pet product company

We believe the best way to ensure happy, healthy lives for our beloved companions and ourselves is by encouraging more play and quality time together without friction. 

That’s why we design multifunctional, technical products that solve common pain points of the modern pet parent (and that don’t need to be hidden away in the “dog stuff bin”).

And we’re committed to making products responsibly that are better for Planet Earth – our ultimate playfield.

Our design


We’re a team of problem solvers. Our founder Ivana was frustrated by the friction involved in constantly switching out her essentials and Bailey’s essentials across different bags every time she went out with Bailey, which was at least 3 times a day, every day. It started as a small problem that compounded with time. Conversations with other pet parents made her realize that she was not alone. 

Now as we approach design, we start with the basics – what is the problem we are solving? From there, we test and iterate, rinse and repeat, until we are confident in our solution. In order to bring our products to life, we partner with a socially responsible, reputable manufacturer that pays fair market wages and provides good working conditions. We also work with suppliers that are Bluesign Certified, meaning they pass rigorous standards for sustainable and responsible textile development. You can learn more about our continually improving efforts in sustainability here.

We’re starting with dog walking essentials, but we’re not stopping there. We have big plans in store, and we hope you’ll join us in the Playfield.
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